Zorzal Terroir Unico Malbec

So what does this stuff taste like? Like riding a horse through violet fields before having a handsome gaucho tuck you in for bed.

How do I brag about this to my friends? Violety tones. Complex and fresh. Sharp tannins. Very long finish. Basically everything you want in a man.

Variety: 100% Malbec

Approx. Price: Affordably chic

Villa Sparina Gavi

Why should I get this? It's like running through a sprinkler on a super hot day. Then running through it again.

But what does this actually taste like?  Dry. Medium-Bodied. Flowers and fruit with hints of peach. Crisp. Perfect for a picnic.

Variety: Cortese

Approx. Price: Positively attainable


Viticcio Chianti Classico

How Italian is this? It's like a spaghetti dinner for adults only.

But how does your husband describe it? Medium to full bodied with fine tannins and fresh acidity. Dried cherries. Dark delicious fruit.     

Variety: 95% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot

Approx. Price: You can afford it (~$18)