You don't know what you don't know.


What is SippingThis?

I created SIPPINGTHIS for one reason... I thought learning about wine was boring AF (and pretentious too). Problem was I needed to know a thing or two about wine. My husband is in the wine business, and I in client services at a big ad agency having to entertain clients with big budgets and expensive taste. Yeah I know what you're thinking... BORING. 

I wanted to learn more and explore this crazy world of wine but I wanted to do it in my own way. One that was way more fun. One that focused on me figuring out what I like about wine, not what I'm 'supposed' to like. 

I'm still on this journey but I've learned a lot. And it's my mission to make wine more fun for YOU too... whether that's learning about wine, drinking wine, decking your place or party out with some sweet wine paraphernalia, having the confidence to try new wines, I'll help you with all of it. 

Hopefully, I'll get to meet a few new drinking buddies along the way. I'm talking about you, duh!!

If you're on my site now, it's just the beginning and ask that you join me on what will be a wine journey you won't regret.






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