So fresh and so clean. The opposite of sweet.

What makes a wine dry?

Wine is made from grapes. Grapes naturally have sugar in them. In the winemaking process (fermentation), all or some sugar is converted to alcohol. When all sugar is converted, the wine is dry. When some sugar is left, the wine is sweet. It’s worth noting there are many more dry wines than sweet ones.

What types of wines are dry?

You can’t typecast certain types of wines as sweet or dry because it depends on the winemaking process. So take a wine like Riesling. If all sugar is removed, it's a dry Riesling. If some is left in, it's a sweet Riesling.

I can't tell if a wine is dry.

You're not alone. A lot of people don't know the difference between dry and sweet. Many confuse fruity wine for being sweet, but many fruity wines are dry. Just know fruity doesn't always equal sweet.

And it tastes like…?

Dry wine isn't heavy or sugary. It’s cleaner. It’s like drinking black coffee instead of coffee with lots of cream and sweetener.

I still don’t understand…

Buy a sweet Riesling. Tell a friend to buy a dry Riesling. Invite the friend over and taste both wines. Decide what you like better. 

Sum it up for me.

Dry = NO sugar



#adulting is hard. Learning about wine shouldn't be. Sure I'll teach you some basic wine lingo and motivate you to get out of your comfort zone to try some new wines. But my main mission is to help YOU figure out what YOU like about wine and help you share your wine pride. 

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